Social Program

Wednesday, September 6 – come together

After the opening session a come together will take place at the congress center
at the Medical University.


Thursday, September 7 – medical museums evening

On Thursday evening the congress will have the opportunity to visit two famous Viennese museums of medical history, which represent cornerstones of the traditional Vienna Medical Schools. The first and second Vienna Medical Schools are linked to names such as van Swieten, Semmelweis, Rokitansky, Billroth and Landsteiner.

The Josephinum was built in 1785, together with the first Vienna General Hospital. It includes a large collection of wax models for anatomical education and several collections of historical medical devices. In 2017 a special exhibition at the Josephinum will be dedicated to the development of artificial hearts and cardiac assist devices – a perfect fit to our congress.


A second museum is placed within the “Narrenturm” (Fool’s Tower), a round building which is said to look like a “Gugelhupf”, a traditional Viennese cake. The Narrenturm was built as a psychiatric hospital at the end of the 18th century. There are a number of myths about the unusual type of construction of this building which you will hear about at your visit. Today it comprises a museum of the history of anatomy and pathology, including impressive and even shocking tissue preparations of famous diseases.

Afterwards you will better understand what Viennese people mean when they suggest:
“you should go to the Gugelhupf”.


Friday, September 8 – Congress Dinner – Heurigen-evening

On Friday the congress dinner will take place at a traditional Viennese “Heurigen”.
“Heurige” have a long tradition over several centuries and are known for their relaxing atmosphere. They are located near the Vienna Woods, and provide young wine, good food, and good specific music. This evening should provide an excellent opportunity to meet old and new friends.
The attendance fee includes food, drinks and transport from and back to the congress center.

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Josephinum – Collections of the Medical University of Vienna

Pathological-anatomical collection in “Narrenturm”

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