During the Conference, the following types of awards will be presented:

ESAO-Wichtig Research Award

The Annual ESAO-Wichtig Award is the most important award for the ESAO to acknowledge the scientific achievements of young scientists. The award is given to the best peer-reviewed publication of scientists younger than 38 years working in the field of artificial organ research. A call for submission of candidate publications and authors will be issued in the ESAO web-site and in the International Journal for Artificial Organs (IJAO). A committee of scientist members of the ESAO will rate the submitted publications and will select the winner. The winner will receive a check of 2,500 Euro and a certificate, and will be given the possibility to briefly present the work done in the Award ceremony. The ESAO is thankful to Wichtig International for sponsoring this award. For application details see the society website


IFAO Transcontinental Travel Scholarships

IFAO sponsors twelve scholarships to support young researchers from countries outside of Europe with one-thousend Euro to facilitate international networking and knowledge exchange for young researchers. After anonymized multiple review of the abstract a Jury of IFAO board members decided to award the following authors and abstracts (in alphabetical order):

  • D. Akiyama (Tokyo, JP): ECG-sychronized rotational speed change system has preventive effect on right heart failure during continuous-flow LVAD
  • N. Arkharova (Moscow, RU): Structure and properties of carbon fiber reinforced hydroxyapatite composite matrix
  • E.S. Colley (Sydney, AU): Modelling maturation of patient-specific arteriovenous fistulas using computational fluid dynamics
  • K.H. Hussein (Gangwon, KR): Decellularized liver extracellular matrix gel promotes resolution of liver fibrosis in mice
  • K. Iizuka (Osaka, JP): The anastomosis angle of the outflow graft to the aorta influences the hemodynamics of aortic valve regurgitation in LVAS
  • T. Kaga (Tokyo, JP): Efficiency Measurement of Air-core Trascutaneous Energy Transmission Systems for VADs
  • S. Liao (Queensland, AU): The effect of inflow cannula insertion lengths on the risk of ventricular thrombosis in a multiscale numerical model
  • S.P. Madhani (Pittsburgh, USA): Controlled blood recirculation enhances oxygenation efficiency in an artificial lung
  • M. Mohseni-Moghaddam (Teheran, IR): Supramolecular gelatin nano-composites with enhanced sol-gel transition temperature
  • R.A. Orizondo (Pittsburgh, US): In vitro characterization of the Pittsburgh pediatric anbulatory lung device
  • M. Osa (Ibaraki, JP): Next generation ultracompact centrifugal pediatric VAD with full axis controlled maglev motor
  • X. Yao (Zhejiang, CN): Impact of initial dialysis modality on the survial of patietns with ESRD: A propensity matched study


ESAO Poster Awards

Three Poster Awards (500, 300 and 200 Euro respectively) will acknowledge the authors of the best posters. An ESAO Committee will select the awardees based on poster scientific content and graphic presentation. The Awards will be notified during the ceremony closing the Congress.


ESAO Innovation Award

The ESAO innovation award (500 Euro) will acknowledge the most innovative abstract presented. The winner will be selected by an ESAO Committee, based on the abstract content and presentation. The Award will be notified during the ceremony closing the Congress.


ESAO PhD Award

This ESAO award is meant for young researchers who recently finalised their PhD. The award mainly aims at encouraging PhD students to make their work visible on an international level, already from the start of their PhD. Hence, next to the appreciation of the finalised PhD book by a committee of ESAO board members, also the international impact of the applicant’s CV will be rated. Awardees will be overhanded a ‘Certificate of Recognition of Excellence’ and will be given the opportunity to briefly present their PhD work in a special session.


yESAO Exchange Program Award

This yESAO award gives students the possibility to experience research in different European research Laboratories, offering a grant of € 750 for each participating researcher. Awardees will be given the opportunity to briefly report on their experience in a special session. For details of the application see