Dear Colleagues,

The Vienna Team and I cordially invite you to the ESAO-IFAO-2017-Congress, the World Congress for Artificial Organs.

After decades of development, the artificial and bioartificial replacement and support of organs has become clinical routine in many important applications. From desperate attempts many therapies such as dialysis and apheresis, cardiac assist devices, ECMO, insulin pumps and advanced limb prostheses arose to the center of medicine. Instead of providing only survival and basic organ support, quality of life and even “forgettability” have become the focus of further developments. The motto of this meeting in Vienna, a city of music: “Artificial Organs in the Orchestra of Life” underlines this widening horizon. This however implies an increasing cost pressure, tighter requirements for absolute safety and liability, regulatory improvements and hurdles, and sometimes stakeholders with different interests.

Thanks to you all, we have received more than 300 abstracts, and could accepted proposals for 19 symposia for a wide range of topics. This meeting is a true intercontinental one, bringing together researchers, developers, clinicians and regulatory people from all over the world to discuss these questions on a global level. The meeting shall also support scientific and personal networking in a world with increasing tensions and egoisms to work successfully together on the welfare of our patients and societies.

Evening events such as a typical Viennese vineyard cellar (Heuriger), a visit to two famous medical museums (with a special exhibition about 50 years of cardiovascular support) shall stimulate social contacts. The first worldwide recipient of one of the most advanced cardiac assist devices and now transplanted opera singer, Gregory Petkov will accompany the opening ceremony.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Vienna!


With best collegial regards,

Heinrich Schima
(Congress President):
Bernd Stegmayr
(IFAO President):
Thomas Groth
(ESAO President):
William Fissell
(ASAIO President):
Yoshiyuki Taenaka
(JSAO President):